Overslept again? With only five minutes to get out the door, you’ll need to multitask. First things first: hang your shirt and suit in the corner of the bathroom. The steam will help smooth those creases from your clothes as you shower, saving the time you’d need for ironing.

Jump in the shower and reach for Active3 – a shampoo, shaving gel and body wash all in one. This single product takes care of all the basics. The only other things you’ll need are a toothbrush and toothpaste (Active4 and 5 are still in testing).

Towel dry your hair (the more low-maintenance the cut, the better) and leave all the fine-tuning until you get to the office. Use a cordless electric razor on your commute if you can do so safely. It might make up the minutes you lost pressing snooze four times.


Nine hundred seconds is more than enough time to get yourself ready for the day – if you plan accordingly. First, shower thoroughly before attempting to shave. Skin can be puffy first thing in the morning, which makes a close shave tricky and/or messy. While you’re busy shampooing and conditioning, give your face a couple of minutes to wake up under the running water.

Once you’ve got the technique down, a good shave should take no more than seven minutes. And by then, your body should be dry. Apply an after shave balm and get dressed before you attempt to style your hair. If you’ve only got a few minutes left, use a flexible hair product that allows you to fine-tune your style later, rather than sealing it into a bullet-proof hair helmet.


After showering would be a good opportunity to try out a few extra products, if you’re secure in your manhood, of course. A specialized treatment like a clay mask sounds scary, but it’ll suck out impurities and brighten your skin. In the time it takes the mask to dry, usually around 5 to 10 minutes, you can towel off, slap on some deodorant and a body moisturizer, and tame overgrown nails with a pair of clippers. You can also scare roommates or small children in your neighbourhood.

Wash off the mask with lukewarm water and follow our guide in Get Your PhD in Shaving. More time allows for more attention to detail. So take this time to balance out and taper those sideburns, snip any stray eyebrow hairs and trim those random hairs trying to escape from your nostrils. Style your hair as usual, fine-tuning your look as you go along. And finish with your favourite cologne, making sure you apply it to the wrists (or the back of the neck) instead of directly onto the neck where the alcohol will burn.