Post-workout skin workout


If you regularly work up a sweat at the gym and take a hot shower afterwards, you may think you’ve done all you can to look your best. Well you haven’t. Working out and showering will definitely make you buff and clean, but taking care of your skin during the process calls for some extra considerations:

Besides the obvious effects of sweating and losing moisture, exercising, and especially weight training, makes your skin work too. This means that post-workout repair of your skin is essential.

Showering in itself is also damaging to the skin, removing its protective lipid barrier. So give your skin some welcome relief by keeping your showers as short and cool as possible.

The very best thing you can do back in the locker room is apply a moisturizing body lotion. Just like a 30-minute workout strengthens your physique, a 30-second application of lotion will help strengthen your skin’s own defences. It will also provide skin with much-needed hydration, leaving it feeling revitalized and healthy.