Shower Time



What’s a loofah, you ask? Well, basically it’s like a really tough sponge. You might have spotted one hanging around your girlfriend’s bathroom. Rubbing your body with the rough surface will stimulate your skin and get rid of dull, dead flakes. Think of it as a relaxing skin massage that doesn’t involve a heavyset Swedish woman.


Start off with a warm overhead flow of water. Then brace yourself and slowly make the water colder. Let the water run over your legs, then on to your right and left arm. If you’re feeling brave, finish off with a quick rinse over your torso and back. Repeat this three or four times and you’ll come out feeling like a whole new man, completely refreshed for the day or night ahead.


Take a sec between warm and cold repetitions to turn down the water pressure and lather up all over. Massaging your shower gel into a thick lather will give your skin a deep clean. Again, massaging is a great way to increase circulation and stimulate your whole body without lying on a table for 45 awkward minutes while Hans elbows your backside.


Who says multitasking is only for work? Shaving while showering is a great way to save time and make less mess around your sink. The heat from the shower opens up your skin’s pores and softens your whiskers, giving you a closer, better shave. A mirror is helpful, but not essential, as you probably know your face well enough. If you can stand it, rinse your face afterwards with cold water to help close the pores back up and avoid any ingrown hairs.


No perfect shower is complete without some essential post-shower grooming. First, make sure you dry yourself completely with a towel. Then apply a good body lotion, which will restore the moisture balance for healthy – and great-looking skin.

Don’t forget to also cleanse and moisturize your face. If you’ve shaved you’ll want to apply an after shave splash or balm. Now’s also a good time for some antiperspirant/deodorant, when your body is at its cleanest. Finish up with hair styling, maybe some cologne, and you’re good to go. Oh, and don’t forget to brush your teeth.