body shaving


You currently have 376 online friends you don’t even remember meeting. Clearly, life gets more complicated every day. But if you’re the kind of guy who likes to keep things nice and simple, we’ve got just the product for you: Active3.

This baby is a serious multi-tasker. In a single bottle, it combines a refreshing body wash, a cleansing shampoo and a soothing shave gel. Simple as that.

For those on the move, it’s a man’s best friend – ideal for business trips, weekends away or hitting the showers after the gym.

More than practical, it’s full of grooming goodness too: The revitalizing gel contains advanced Micro-Tech  with nourishing vitamin F and high-tech polymers. This formula mildly cleanses body and hair, and lathers up into a rich foam for an ultimate under-the-shower shave.

Give it a shot – and simplify your shower routine.


Shaving in the shower is one of the best methods. The hot water and steam open up pores and soften hair. Lathering up with Active3 can make your facial hair softer and easier to remove. Now you’re ready for the next step.


When shaving in the shower, a fog-free mirror can help. Start by shaving your cheeks. Hold the razor at an approximately 30-degree angle. Then shave the throat area and finally the upper lip and chin, moving downwards above the jawline and upwards below the jawline.


If you choose to shave your chest (waxing is better), it can be very fast and easy. Shave down, then shave up using easy strokes. In the middle of your chest, shave horizontally, starting on the inside and moving out. Shave inwards towards your nips. They may serve no obvious purpose, but be careful not to cut them off.


Apply Active3 under your arms and lather it up. Hold your arm over your head so the skin in your armpit is tight and smooth. Start with short downward strokes from the top of your armpit and then work upward. Next shave outwards from the inside to remove any remaining hair. Nice.


Moving on to the private parts. Start at the hairline and shave to the base using single strokes. Shave in the direction of the hair initially to remove as much as you can. Then in the opposite direction. Never shave any area more than twice, unless you like pain. Keep in mind, that pain/pleasure thing doesn’t apply to razor burn.


After the shave, rinse off with colder water to help close pores. Pat your skin dry with a soft, clean towel. Don’t rub because your skin will be very sensitive for some time. After applying some moisturizer, you’re ready to rumble.